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Reading peach facts can teach you a lot about growing or eating this delicious fruit.

• Peaches have no fat and only thirty-seven calories each.

• Juices, such as lemon or lime, can help stop peaches from discoloring.

• Peaches have a good amount of vitamins C, A, and B.

• Peaches ripen faster when placed in paper bags.

• A nectarine is a type of peach.

• The pit in the center of the peach is poisonous.

• Peaches are members of the rose family. So are apricots and plums.

• Peaches store well both canned or frozen.

• Wine is one of the most popular peach products.

• There are hundreds of kinds of peaches. California alone has over 200 types of peaches and 175 different varieties of nectarines.

• Peaches are great in pies, ice cream, yogurt, and jam.

• Ripe peaches are brightly colored, firm and very fragrant.

• Peaches will not ripen in the refrigerator.

• Peaches are in season in the United States from April/May until October.

• Peaches have chemical compounds called phytochemicals, which act as anti-oxidants. These have been shown to be preventative of certain diseases and ailments, and to help skin to stay healthy.

• The phytochemicals in peaches also help prevent the clogging of arteries that leads to heart disease, and other conditions caused by the aging process.

• Peach facts show that people in the United States prefer yellow peaches but people in Asia prefer white peaches.

• Artist Paul Cezanne often painted peaches.

• In Georgia, peaches are produced in Peach, Macon, Taylor and  Crawford counties.

• Georgia grows more than forty different kinds of commercial peaches.

• In 1928, Georgia produced over eight million bushels of peaches. It now produces 2-½ million bushels each year.

• In ancient China, peaches were symbolic of immortality and longevity.

• A nectarine and a peach have only one different gene.

• The first peach orchard was created in Florida in 1565.

• New varieties of peaches are produced by grafting.

• Peaches were often given to friends, leading to the phrase, “you’re a real peach.”

• Historical peach facts indicate that the Spaniards brought peaches to North America.

• Peaches originated in China.

• The phosphorus in peaches helps protect nerve cells.

• The United States produces one-quarter of all the peaches in the world.

• More than thirty states produce peaches.

• The peach capital of Texas is Stonewall.

• The peach was originally known as the Persian apple.

• Brides in China carry peach blossoms down the aisle.

• China is the world’s largest producer of peaches. Italy is the second-largest.

• Peach Melba is a dessert named after Nellie Melba, the great operatic soprano from Australia. It is made of poached peaches, raspberry puree, and vanilla ice cream.

• A fruit with a hard stone, like the peach, is called a drupe.

• Georgia is known as the Peach State.



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